A little piece makes a huge difference

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Over the years, we’ve witnessed most of the gadgets we saw our parents using to get smaller and smaller every decade or less. The first computer built weighed in at over 50 tons, imagine having that in your office. That’s why I’m always eyeing on new technologies that fit my pocket, and here’s why.

Room for more

I’ve always hated bringing heavy and bulk materials in my backpack and carrying it around wherever I go, it’s strains my back, it’s very inconvenient, and makes me sweat a lot! But since technologies continue to evolve, more and more gadgets become smaller yet offers the same or more features than the large ones. Books are one of the heaviest loads that takes so much space in your bag, but now we have e-books and tablets that stores books in order for you to just carry one device that could contain thousands of books. Another one are walkman cd players, they were not too big and enough to fit a small bag but you have to bring your cds with you in order to play a specific song you want. But don’t get me wrong, I love tech stuff, that’s why I always bring a lot of it with me everyday to anywhere, and luckily today it’s not much of a hassle since they already became so compact to a point that they can easily fit in my pocket.


I’m always on my phone all day every day for as long as I can remember, and during those  times I would hit my music app to play my favorite songs, but there are days that my headphones just won’t look good on my outfit because the bulked up ear speakers look unprofessional wearing while I’m wearing my suit and tie whenever I go to work, and the cords that are showing makes my look a little messy. That’s why I always find it helpful to have true wireless earbuds because it just fits comfortable in my ear without irritation and without being seen, and with just a press of a button I can easily answer any upcoming calls or play my music, and because it is so small I can easily put it in my pocket without seeing a hint of its shape from the outside.

I always use these two basis as my set standard whenever I buy the latest gadget, I always take into consideration the convenience and comfort that I will experience from it, and at the same time it’s quality should be at par with its larger counterpart.

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