For luscious and curly lashes

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First thing many people check out in others is their eyes. This happens naturally without any prompting because the eye has the ability to over throw any other features. This has driven many to ‘’perfect’’ their eyes. They go through many procedures such as eyelash extensions, permanent eyeliner application and many other similar twigs and tugs to achieve what is in their opinion, the sought after eye look.

Since the recent past there is another procedure that has many intrigued. It is referred to as the eyelash perm and is meant to give the straight eyelashes a nice curl at the end to appear to be fuller and luscious. This is a semi permeant treatment that allows you to drop the curler for the next six weeks and batter your lashes away like your favourite Disney princess or better yet like a Minnie herself.  As little girls I think Minnie mouse is who instilled in us that long and curly lashes is that one thing that sets us apart from all the micky mice in our life, even though this stereotyping is not valid in today’s context I can see how we have been innocently encouraged towards the trend that is on today. The eye lash perm is a great treat to give yourself right before flying off to your next holiday or when you have a string of important events such as weddings, family gatherings or professional commitments coming your way. This way you will have more time in your hands to take care of the preparations that has to be done in order for your schedule to happen without a hitch.

The standard eyelash perm procedure involves the eyelashes first being coated with a specific glue that is then wrapped around in mini foam rollers that are meant to do the curling. Then the application of the perming solution takes place followed by a neutralizing ointment. Then all excess solution is cleaned off with a damp towel as a precaution to any allergy or infection. All this happens between regular intervals that allows the eyes ample time to take in the treatment. The procedure then winds up with the application of a moisturising solution that is meant to sooth and cool your treated eyes.

 For many this may feel like a lot and would like to instead stick to their usual makeup routine but for some this might be just what they need to save fifteen minutes from the clock and be able to make it out of the door in time to beat the traffic in the morning.

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