Guidelines to follow before coloring your hair

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Have you ever looked at your hair, as a male or a female, and realized it’s just too dull or as if it lacked something? Maybe it’s because it’s poor is style and dull in color. In fact, coloring your hair despite your gender is such a cost effective way to be fashionable. If you are considering getting your hair colored anyways…

Here are 8 guidelines to consider.

  1. Find a great salon

The skills of the staff, the equipped that are used, and even the factors like location matter when finding a great salon. But, the quality of the salon is going to decide on the quality of the coloring job, period.

  1. Speak up about your needs

Your hair stylist can’t read your mind; you need to speak up and tell them what you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter what you need, as long as you request them, you either will be able to get them, or will be proposed of something better. It all depends on you.

  1. Have a consultation

A hair stays with you for a lifetime. This is why you need to have a reconnaissance consultation with your stylist. That way, you will be able to have a great idea on the attitude, the style and the extent of the knowledge. That would be quite helpful to make your choice.

  1. Use social media platforms

Remember that social-media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are filled with amazing hair style solutions. If your stylist can recreate a favorite style that you find in either of these places, the process will be easier. That’s why you need to use these opportunities.

  1. Show them what you don’t want

If you can’t find out what you want, show them what you don’t. That’s such an effective way to help them figure out the style for you, faster.

  1. Avoid box colors if it’s your first time

Although it will wash away in a few weeks, the chemical pigments will stay attached to your hairs for years, making it difficult to performing any sort of a hair lifting in the process. Hence, you need to specifically request that from the stylist at times.

  1. Apply a hair mask prior to the appointment

For the best results, it is better to keep your moisturized. In order to achieve this sort of a hydration on time, you should probably remember to wear a hair mask so that the hair will be well wet.

  1. Go from semi-permanent/highlights to full

Rather than going for a full on coloring, consider going for a semi-permanent or even highlights. That way, you will be able to assess on what really looks good on you and then color it full.

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