How to attract applicants on Job Fairs:

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Joining job fairs is one of the popular ways to attract more potential applicants to join your company. But of course, since competitions are pretty tough in the market you and your team have to be creative and at the same time persuasive in order to convince people to give your company a chance.  The main goal is to be able to search for top-notch employees and bring them to work for your company.


The first thing to do when setting up a booth in the job fair sire is to look for a location where it is visible to everyone.  Make your company logo big and visible for everyone to see. Set up your booth in an attractive manner by adding decorations in the recruitment area.


Market your company to the public. Freebies and giveaways are very effective in attracting applicants to go through an application process. You don’t need to invest in expensive items since it is meant to be distributed to a lot of people. Simple items such as pens, fans, wristbands and cups are some common examples that you can give out to prospective applicants. You can visit corporate gifts Singapore for more options and estimates.

If an applicant was hired on the spot then you can give them more high-value items that they can use once they start working with the company. A lot of recruitment teams are distributing welcome kits to new hires which usually consists of the following: notebooks, pens, spill-proof mugs and a tote bag.


Applying for a job requires patience for both the recruiter and the applicant. Long hours are to be expected and of course, it is part of the recruitment teams’ responsibility to make sure that all applicants are comfortable by providing a waiting area as well as offering free snacks and coffee. Some companies even offer free lunch for those applicants who have been waiting for very long hours. We have to give them a good impression of the company and it starts during the hiring process.

Deploy efficient recruitment personnel on the job fair venue. Remember that when deciding to join job fairs your staff has to be ready to battle the competition from other rival companies. The recruitment team holds the responsibility of being the company’s’ frontliners so we have to make sure that our staff are friendly, accommodating, articulate and very knowledgeable in handling applicant concerns and queries. We may not be concerned about this at times but applicants do take notice of this small things especially if they happen to have more experience. Most of them have higher expectations than newbies. They also get discouraged from pushing through the application process if they feel unsatisfied with their experience with the recruitment team.

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