Most effective facial skin treatments

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Maintaining a regular skin regimen helps you look more confident and young looking. After a long day at work it is important that we pamper our skin to make us feel rejuvenated. Proper skin care should be done at least twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed. Below are some simple things that you can do to give your skin a better glow.

Remove your excess makeup- Too much make up causes our skin pores to clog so it is important that we get rid of all the impurities at the end of each day. The first step is to use wet tissues to remove most of the make up. Second step is to remove the remaining residue by dabbing your face with either petroleum jelly or baby oil and wipe it off  with clean cotton pads. The third step is to wash your face. Remember that clogged pores causes acne, pimple breakouts as well as blackheads, so it is important that we thoroughly clean our skin before getting a good night’s’ rest.

Always wash your face- wash your face in the morning to remove excess oil build up and do the same thing before going to bed. Use a mild facial cleanser (preferably soap free) and gently massage your face in a circular motion and rinse thoroughly.

Use a toner- After you wash your face then it’s time to apply the toner by putting some of it on a cotton ball and apply it on your bare face. Choose a toner that is not harsh, sting free and has the ability to restore the lost moisture on your face.

Apply anti-zit spot treatments- If you notice any signs of acne and pimples on your skin avoid touching it because there is a possibility  that your zits may get infected. Apply spot on treatments made from salicylic acid which help dry out skin acne and also helps kill acne causing bacteria especially on oily skin. If you have a severe case of acne breakouts then you can schedule a consultation at acne scar remover Singapore for safer and effective skin treatments.

Apply eye cream and anti aging serums- You can start using this product as soon as you notice signs of aging such as wrinkles, crows feet, fine lines , big pores, uneven skin tone and dark under eyes. Choose a product that targets specific skin issues. Serum application should be done before applying moisturizer.  Serums are known to be quite expensive but it is worth your money. Look for a serum that has very good product reviews.

Moisturize- as we age, our skin loses its elasticity and moisture making us more prone to dry and dull sin. Choose a moisturizer suited for your face type.  Even if you have oily skin you should also make it a habit to moisturize twice a day.

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