Tips for a beautiful crown of mane

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Caring for your hair is as important and as complex as caring for the rest of the body. When it comes to your mane, there will be a lot of people saying a lot of things. Traditionally, your mothers and grandmothers will ask you to keep it moisturized, so have it well oiled. But if you go to a salon, your hairdresser may recommend new things such as going to a spa, using some special oils as well as managing your diet to have natural and healthy hair.

Do’s and don’ts for your hair

So what actually should be done and avoid to be done, if you want to have a beautiful head of hair? Hair cells grow the fastest in your body; however they are also the first ones that tend to be affected from outside. If you are not sticking to a proper diet or if there are any deficiencies you suffer from, because of any diseases, medications that you take etc. then there is something to worry about. For hair, the most significant things which you have to take as food are Iron and protein. Hence your mother’s or grandmothers warning to take in more greens and eat lima beans! Also iron-rich foods such as fish, soybeans and serials can help you have a natural, beautiful, glowing mane.

Understand the basics

It must not be allowed to see more than hundred strands of hair in your comb each day. It is normal to lose 100 to 150 a day; do not panic unless you see a bunch of hair going off when you combin the morning. Remember to not to comb when you head is still wet. If you do, make sure you are taking extreme care as wet hair is fragile and breakage is imminent. Use a comb with broad teeth and run it from the top to bottom of your hair very gently. Trimming the locks once every few weeks is also important. It is unavoidable that you get split and rough ends; therefore just cut about fourth of an inch every 6 to 8 weeks to help it growing out again.

Tips to wash & rinse

There are “leave-on-conditioners” for ease of managing hair when styling. Other times, when you are washing your hair, remember after shampooing, do theconditioning, and that need to have thoroughly rinsed away. Try to use the same brands for shampoo and conditioner throughout. When you are buying these make sure you read the back of the bottles to see what the ingredients of the product are.

When we buy food items, we make it a point to check the back of the packages. Similarly you have to be careful of what is included in this shampoos and conditioners as well. For example, recently there had been some focus on sulphate that is an ingredient in shampoos. Some studies have found although it helps clean the scalp and hair, it is also a reason for the essential hair oils to be removed from the head. Therefore it is always important to use products for hair care organic and natural sourced ones.

After the face, mostly a woman’s hair will be noticed. Make sure you gave a glowing and beautiful mane to be proud of.

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